BTGuard Review 2015 – A Very Good Anonymous Proxy for BitTorrent

I prefer BTGuard proxy over a VPN because I only need privacy for file sharing. It's well suited for this task.

  • No bandwidth limits
  • No logs
  • No trial

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When downloading copyrighted content using peer-to-peer file sharing, people are at risk because their IP address is visible.

Software at the ISP scans the network for people downloading copyrighted material. It can match their IP to their name and address.

I protect myself from lawyers and their cease and desist letters by using BTGuard BitTorrent Proxy, an anonymous proxy service.

You need not disclose your name to test it. You simply choose a username and password and select a subscription period (1, 3, 6, 12 months).

After ordering and paying with PayPal, within minutes, I received an email that my account was ready and active.

I downloaded a preconfigured µTorrent client, it had all settings for anonymity in place, and entered the login credentials.

The computer now routes P2P traffic through a proxy server before sending it to me. My IP address is completely invisible.

BTGuard supports programs that use a SOCKS5 proxy. It cannot be used for web surfing because no popular browser supports SOCKS5.

BitTorrent transmissions reach 80% of my achievable download speed. Encryption can stay off, the IP is safely hidden without.

The company, Netcrawled LLC, is incorporated in the United States. They say: "No records of usage are stored." "We do not keep any logs whatsoever."

The service is 30% cheaper than a VPN and they offer 25% discount for the yearly plan. To get this deal, select 12 months on the order page.

Conclusion: Established and fast SOCKS proxy service for in-private torrenting.

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BTGuard Review by Harald Schendera, 2015. – What is an anonymous proxy and how can it be used with multiple relays?