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BTGuard BitTorrent Proxy protects my privacy by routing P2P traffic through a server before sending it to me. Legal authorities cannot recognize me while I am torrenting. When encryption is enabled, the ISP throttle my bandwidth. This anonymous proxy is very good for anonymity in BitTorrent networks. It cannot be used for browsing. It is easy to setup. It is fast. It costs 30 percent less than a cheap VPN.

How BTGuard BitTorrent Proxy Works

The product consists of settings: Proxy type, proxy server address, port, username and password for authentication. They also offer a pre-configured uTorrent client at their site. It only needs the username and password.

I enter a username and password. They do not ask for a name or address. They give five percent discount for a three-month subscription, 25 percent for a year. I pay monthly with PayPal so I can cancel anytime.

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There are two installation variants: Easy Install and Advanced Install. Easy Install is the pre-configured uTorrent client. It is not the most recent version, but it has all settings for anonymity in place.

Conclusion Four stars

My IP address is hidden. The transmission speed is on par with the speed before using BTGuard. It is useful for file sharing. It is worth the money. I am using this BitTorrent proxy for years now. I did not experience outages. I did not get into legal troubles because of file sharing. Use anonymous torrent

  • SOCKS5 proxy service
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • For uTorrent and other clients
  • Anonymous downloads
  • BitTorrent traffic is unrecognizable as such [1]
  • ISP cannot throttle BitTorrent traffic [1]

[1] When using BTGuard encryption software.

BTGuard review on YouTube: How Lynn started using it. More

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BTGuard website
I am using BTGuard anonymous proxy in combination with uTorrent for file sharing on BitTorrent. Check it out
Is it safe? Yes
Is it fast? Yes
BTGuard website
BTGuard BitTorrent Proxy. BitTorrent proxy service

Happy torrenting - Review by , 12 April 2013.
4 of 5 stars.
It works. Fast. Worth the money.

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