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BTGuard VPN protects my privacy by sending and receiving data across the internet as if I was in a private network. It gives me all the protection and security that I expect from a private network. The product consists of settings. I am using BTGuard VPN for torrenting and browsing at the same time. It is easy to setup. It works fine. A disadvantage is the transmission speed. It is too slow for watching online videos.

How BTGuard VPN Works

They give five percent discount for a three-month subscription, 15 percent for six months. I pay monthly with PayPal so I can cancel anytime. I login to the customer area. They offer two installation variants: PPTP and OpenVPN.

PPTP and OpenVPN are different methods of protecting privacy. PPTP is available for Windows, Mac OS, and iOS. OpenVPN is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. I choose PPTP for Windows. Three minutes later, my VPN is running.

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I check my IP address. It appears to be located in Amsterdam. I live in Germany. I can now watch videos that otherwise are not accessible in my country. The service circumvents IP blocking.

BTGuard says it does not store records of usage.

Conclusion Two and a half stars

BTGuard VPN anonymizes various types of internet services. The speed for surfing and BitTorrent is good. The speed for watching online videos is unsufficient. If you need an anonymous internet connection and anonymous BitTorrent, you can buy it. I do not recommend it for people that need anonymous streaming of online videos. People that only need anonymous BitTorrent can buy BTGuard BitTorrent Proxy, it is faster and cheaper. BTGuard

  • PPTP and OpenVPN
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • For browsing, downloads, BitTorrent, email, FTP, etc.
  • No records of usage stored
  • Anonymity online
  • Access to content otherwise blocked
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BTGuard website
I use BTGuard VPN as anonymous internet connection. For torrenting, I prefer the proxy over VPN. Check it out
Is it safe? Yes
Is it fast? No
BTGuard website
BTGuard VPN. VPN service

Video dropouts - Review by , 12 April 2013.
2.5 of 5 stars.
It is safe. A bit too slow for online videos.

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