BTGuard VPN Review 2015

BTGuard VPN is a basic privacy solution. It comes without special configuration software or apps.

There are two configuration variants: PPTP and OpenVPN, both available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS.

PPTP setup is easier, the software is already included with most operating systems. OpenVPN requires an installation.

Comprehensive setup instructions with screenshots for all variants and operating systems. Customer service via email.

Privacy: "No records of usage stored", they say.

PPTP can no longer be considered secure and should only be used in cases when simple IP masking or geo unblocking is needed.

For secure, anonymous VPN access, I recommend using OpenVPN.

Once connected, there's nothing else to do to torrent and browse encrypted because it secures the entire internet connection.

It can be configured on wireless routers, but this often requires a custom firmware, such as DD-WRT, on the router.

I miss an icon that tells me instantly whether the VPN is running or not.

The company, Netcrawled LLC, is incorporated in Canada.

The speed for surfing and BitTorrent is good. The speed for watching online videos is insufficient.

Conclusion: There are faster VPNs. People who only need BitTorrent protection are better off with the proxy. Two and a half stars

BTGuard website
Basic VPN to hide your IP address and circumvent geo restrictions